Daikon and Dumpling Soup

I have always loved the white radish my mom put in pho. I moved to Ottawa in September and have been missing my mom’s vietnamese meals! Daikon and dumplings are something that always bring me back home when I eat it in soup. I made this quick meal in the morning. It’s so simple and fast, but really reminds me of home ❀ I’m planning on going back on the low-sodium diet again. Going back home this weekend, might as well shape up and get healthier! Late essay writing and snacking in front of a computer = belly lol

Daikon Dumpling Soup

– homemade chicken broth

– a small daikon peeled and cut into half slices

– frozen vegetable and shrimp wontons

– wakame (dried)

Note: One thing I learned from the previous soup I made with daikon was: Only put your daikon into the pot when the water is REALLY boiling lol or else it’ll taste bitter I find. I also sliced these one thinner on purpose too. Cooks faster heh.

Daikon and Dumpling Soup

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