The ‘creative’ things I do (in school)

I decided I should post something worth seeing, and link it to my portfolio page.

I’ve been learning a lot about Design Thinking and design methodologies. This whole year has been an eye opener for me. The past two days I’ve been reading a lot about design and writing a paper from my communication’s elective (History and Theory of Persuasion). I’m starting to see a lot of connections. Packard’s Eight Hidden Needs, Schwatz recall theory, Lazardfield’s group leader and personal influence ideas, etc. I’m not even sure if it’s worth looking at. Maybe designers already know this and it’s old news. But there is a definite psychology connection to design. Humans behaviour and all that jazz, it just confirms how solid design thinking is. I tried to bring this up in conversations before, but most people don’t care lol. I must be going crazy. I can’t wait for summer.

ANYWAYS! I thought I would give myself a break from all this school drama and post some diagrams I made this year.

The last project I just worked on. A system using RFID tags that monitors seniors’ eating habit. This is a brochure we made. I rearranged the text, hala worked on the icons and tim took photos and photoshoped the images.  Like my logo? lol my friends kept saying they’ve seen a similar design but couldn’t find the example. I’m PRETTY sure it’s out there, somewhere. It looks like something that has been done before. But I did it on whim in illustrator, not thinking much. I like happy accidents. Doesn’t it make you smile too? Eating healthy = being happy, that’s my reason behind it lol.

I built a mock up website for the project too. I really need to brush up on it and take a workshop or something. You can have a look at it here:


Too confusing. I don’t even know what I was thinking.

Our Asian/Canada Policy paper.

The ‘creative’ things I do (in school)

One thought on “The ‘creative’ things I do (in school)

  1. yeah, the logo reminds me of the Snackwells and the Grocery Gateway logo because of the green colour and Snackwells, obviously for the name.
    I don’t think it’s crazy, you’re just thinking more deeply about this topic and that’s a good sign. There are definitely people who are interested in that, you just haven’t met the right people. Once you do, awesome conversations will ensue. 🙂

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