Usability Note No. 1: The Power of Feedback

Make users feel like you’re listening = Reduce uncertainty = Better user experience

Solution: Use wait-animation progress indicator
e.g. looped animation (2-9 seconds)
e.g. percent-done animation (10+ seconds)

It is necessary for the human’s though process to continue it’s course. By delaying it for more than 2 seconds, this could lead to a psychological step-down discontinuities  > divert one’s attention from the thought process > effect the problem solving thought process (Miller, 1968).

Simple information retrieval tasks on the Web should take 2 seconds (Nah, 2004).

Change in behavioural intentions takes place between the 2-4 second interval (Nah, 2004).

A recent study has demonstrated that culture affects perceived delay time and attitude toward download delay (Rose et al. 2003).

Wait time could directly influence a user’s decision to give up or continue waiting for the download of a Web page (Weinberg, 2000).

Nah, F. (2004). A study on tolerable waiting time: how long are web users willing to wait?Behaviour and Information Technology, Vol. 23, No. 3.
Sherwin, K. (2014) “Progress indicators make a slow system less insufferable.” Nielsen Norman Group. 26 October 2014. Web. 5 November 2014.

Usability Note No. 1: The Power of Feedback

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