Red Icons for Ride Guide (bag, identity, medicine) – Adobe Illustrator
Transparency window in illustrator is so awesome! Didn’t know about it until this summer, thanks to my friends here.

Writing an abstract/proposal for conference in Hong Kong this year…probably won’t be able to finish the paper or get accepted lol I haven’t done that much reading this summer. I think I read two books and a few papers, so sad. Here’s what I’ve written so far… Guessing a lot and hoping to find some books to backup my lalala ideas:

A group of students from Carleton University travelled to South Korea to collaborate in an interdisciplinary design workshop with the students of Yonsei University. The diversity of cultures and disciplines provided the necessary problems the students had to solve in the cross cultural collaboration.

A change of environment and new team members provided students the necessary experience of meeting different conflicts they’re not use to in a uni-culturalized studio environment. Students will not only be using the skills and tools taught in class but also their communication skills, both verbal and visual. The arrangement of the teams (number of students per group) is also assumed to be an influential factor in the communication flow, decision making and teamwork discussion. (The comfort levels of the student own language ability also influenced his/her willingness to participate.)

Design studios often work with international clients from various industries and budgets. The experience of working with international students is an important part of training students to create design solutions when meeting cultural barriers and issues. This paper will provide insights and ways of enhancing team dynamics and design studio in a university environment from the outcomes of the workshop.  




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