Ottawa, Here I Come!

Good news :> I got into Carleton University for Master of Design- ID! Hehe you can see my train ticket in this picture. I’m taking the VIA train by myself for the time to Ottawa on March 11 for a tour of the facility. Going to be part of a class and a lecture on sustainable resources~ I’m excited! Mostly because I get to leave home for few days haha… But it should be interesting and  open my mind up a bit so I can write my 600 word paper on What is Design lol…. ah geez. In the photograph you can see I’m trying to do some homework. Really lame project about designing a pattern that represent growth spurt of a plant. I choose the ginkgo leaf because I think I’ve always liked its fan shape and how it turns into a lovely yellow i the fall. Somehow I’m suppose to connect them all… stupid project, I just want to pass that class! I think I’m over my freshman-motivated stage and it’s just like blah-senior period where I just want to graduate and get out of Oakville and from home lol..

Ottawa, Here I Come!

2 thoughts on “Ottawa, Here I Come!

  1. Caroline says:

    I knew you’d get in!
    sustainable resources… ooh, that sounds interesting.
    oh come on, it’s a 600 page paper. It’s tiny.
    Maybe you should research the history of the ginkyo leaf…?
    Hey, maybe i should join you at aradia sometime.
    and don’t stress so much about the weight! If you exercise consistently, it’ll be enough, i’m sure.
    and you could do a little stretch routine everyday to improve your flexibility.

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