Powercut in progress


Been working on a painting of Brenna for the power cut cover. Going to add a background line drawing and it’s going to be done~~ phew!

I’m taking a break from figures and am currently painting a fuel truck. I’m so picky about details that sometime I forget to look at the whole :( Bad habbit of mine. So hard to break! No wonder everything I paint looks so flat lol. :(

Squeaky Clean Streetcar

Streetcar after being washed – Adobe illustrator and photoshop

Finally done! This took a week to do @_@ I rushed so badly at the end, hehe but it’s done! This is going to be on the cover of the Streetcar Car House training manual. I’m pretty happy with it :) I even added some splashing water brushes at the bottom of the streetcar. Yay!




Some people think you are bad. Others think you are mad. Actually you are neither, you are the kind of person who, by nature, thinks outside the box – and to many that is scary. Bad? Mad? Who cares! Be yourself, always.

Thanks, Metro horoscopes :P

Sad hair month.

Mushroom Radio


Mushroom Radio- Illustrator
Thought the knobs looked like little mushrooms. Mmmm mushrooms. Tried to match the perspective of the other radios previously done. Didn’t realize it was in isosmetric hehe… slow me~


Small motor: Adobe Illustrator

Reference photos are so important! Can’t stress that enough. One view photo does not help at all. Luckily we got a few shots of the completed motor from the shop a week ago.  I’m working on a Motorola EX500 hand radio now. Should be fun~

Blooming Motors (hehe)

Working in Progress of DC Motor Structure- Adobe Illustrator
Working hard…and getting sidetracked by pretty flowers. Cool site I found! You Grow Girl have these amazing photographs of plants! I’m looking up pink flowers. I think I will paint in some new flowers this weekend to my unfinished painting ^^


Rotation in DC Motors, SVT- Adobe Illustrator

I can’t believe it’s only Wednesday. Feels like it should be Saturday this morning. I can’t wait for the long weekend. Doing…nothing :D